Royal Botanic Gardens, 3:06 pm, Melbourne (2021)

Royal Botanic Gardens, 3:06 pm, Melbourne explores our feeling of connection and immersion with the space around us, internally and externally. The work makes use of wabi-sabi methodologies, exploring the beauty and serenity in every aspect of a landscape, unpacking, and abstracting the visual norm. It aims to create a sense of immersion and peace within the viewer, drawing them to experience an almost rhythmic, mesmerising motion in a constant state of flux.

The 1002 minute (16h 41m 53s) film explores the subtle changes in a landscape as time passes, with the gentle ebb and flow of the environment, progressively transforming over the course of its runtime.

This clip from the 2021 work by Hugo Webster begins at the timecode 04:15:00 and ends at 04:30:00.
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