The Moment of Immersive Connection, 2022 

Multimedia Installation

The “moment of immersive connection” describes a phenomenon of experience akin to the Zen moment (sometimes referred to as satori), a moment of inward understanding and comprehension. Investigating this, the project explores theories of transparency and symmetry in our perception of art, finding an ephemerality in moments of subjective rapport. Unpacking the revelatory capacity in landscape, the project frames itself through Minor White’s inner landscape, contextualising the work as a method of seeing a world beyond surfaces.

The work itself stands as the generative, and self-initiated insights framed by the light and experience that make up one’s perception of the space. Therein, the physical objects in the space act only to facilitate the relation we (as people) have with light and the internal landscape.

In this, I propose that here the “moment of immersive connection” is found as we experience the internal landscape, phenomenologically, in the context of the multi- disciplinary installation. 

See more of this project in Spirit of Landscape as part of Blindside gallery's Mobile series.

The work is also featured in the Ballarat GradFoto 2022 Exhibition, the CCP Summer Salon 2022 and Milieu's 15th Print Edition as well as the RMIT Graduate Show

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